“When I arrived at Hustle + Flow, I was still trying to keep my head above water as a full-time photographer. I had zero weddings for 2017 or 2018 booked. Nada. Zip. Zero. Since the workshop, in just 4 months, I have booked 29 weddings for 2017 and 10 weddings for 2018. Last week, I hit my first six figures ($100,000) in bookings. THAT is the magic of Hustle + Flow. Plain and simple. There are so many workshops out there competing for your money. The Hon’s motto is true: they are the photographers who really do give a shit. The knowledge from their talk/course and the inspiration from them was exactly what I needed to push myself and my business to the next level (and then five more levels after that).

“The Hons are changing the game when it comes to photography education! Their mentoring sessions are insightful, powerful, and most importantly REAL. They don’t shy away from nitty gritty questions about the business aspects of photography and they tell it to you candidly so you can get the most from your time with them. Don’t expect them to just spit out a pre-designed script like so many other educators. They take this personally and cater to YOUR needs to make your time with them as impactful as possible. I can’t even begin to tell you how refreshing it is to have them as a brain resource instead of struggling with hours of useless googling to try to find answers to my questions!”

“The Hons have this extreme passion that really oozes out of them, but it’s not only a passion for their work – it’s a passion for YOUR work as well. They get behind your work as if it’s their own and work with you very honestly how to make it better, make you a better business-minded person, and especially how to work with today’s type of client. They are the type of people that check back in with you, become your friend, and give you the proper skills and tools to ACTUALLY feel inspired and capable… they are way more than just a pep talk and sending you on your way. When I mentored with them I only had 3 weddings on the books… I now have 17 booked and it’s been only about 3 months. They’ll teach you what to say to attract cool people and how to convert them. I really can’t recommend them enough.”

“What The Hons are doing is nothing short of incredible. When I moved to Orlando last year, I felt like I was drowning in this new market. I understood my old market and brides, but Orlando seemed completely foreign to me. Their pricing strategy and understanding of the market immensely helped my business. They helped me tweak my pricing strategy to help me better serve my clients. It wasn’t even a week after our mentoring session that I booked another wedding. My client loved the ease of the process and how my pricing was laid out. I will never go back to my previous pricing strategy. I highly recommend a mentoring session with them! Every photographer should have the ability to book the amount of weddings they want at the price they want to book them. The Hons will guide and help you and you will see results quickly.”

“After jumping feet first this year into being full time, I felt like I needed some direction and assistance with how best to grow my business. Brittani & Jon were so invested in me from the moment I reached out that I knew instantly I had made the right decision. During our few hours together, we went over all of my insecurities and any questions that I could think of. They were prepared with suggestions, comments, and notes that made me realize they had thoroughly looked over my website and my work. I left feeling inspired and excited, and literally days later saw an incredible shift in the clients reaching out to me, in the weddings I was booking, and in brides connecting with me as a person through reading my website. I’ve doubled my bookings in just weeks since my mentoring session and expect it to keep heading strongly in that direction. I’ve already referred so many people to them who need any sort of direction or support and will continue to do so – it has made such a difference in my business and I know it will do the same for anyone else that decides to work with them.”

“My husband and I — We had nothing to our names but passion for photography and a dream of doing this full time. We have a little girl, so we felt the pressure to provide for our family. We were very picky on who we chose to mentor us. We wanted someone who was real and authentic. Art and a dream is cute but if you don’t have this business side down pact you are going to be struggling. The Hons have provided us with the tools needed to turn out dream into a reality. We came to them with 2 weddings booked and $40 in our bank account. After our mentor session with them, just shy of two months later, we now have 23 weddings for 2017. What they teach really works if you take in the tough love they share and make the changes that needs to be done. Come with an open mind and ready to hustle — you will succeed from their mentor sessions. We now are both full time wedding photographers with the bills easily paid and still have money left over to live a financial free lifestyle.”