What is Hustle + Flow?

A workshop focused on the nitty gritty side of business for wedding industry professionals.

This is a real talk approach. No bullshit. No Fluff..

It isn’t always easy to hear what we have to say, but we would never tell you unless we knew it was going to help you.


  • Branding. Not just pretty logos and shit. What makes people want to buy from YOU and YOUR brand.
  • Dynamic Pricing + Sales w/ Sam Jacobson. 

  • Advertising: What it means for you, how to do it properly and where to do it.

  • Marketing + Messaging.
  • Figuring out who your Target Audience is.
  • Jon's Infamous "Stalk Method" to find clients.
  • Your Website Probably suckssss. We gonna talk about it.

  • Emails + Communication
  • "Check Up From The Neck Up" - A talk about Mental Health when it comes to running a business.

  • How to make an Extra $50k-70k a year with a side hustle that's easy for anyone.



We started Hustle + Flow because we only WISHED 6 years ago when we started a business that there were such things as 'business workshops'. 

We went into this field with a passion for photography but also completely blind how to run a successful business. We went through A TON of learning curves, mistakes, guessing games of trial and errors.

Now that we got sucker punched here and there, learned a lot along the way and found true success in the business – we decided to share all of our knowledge and help people gain the same success that we have. We believe there is enough to go around for all of us to survive financially as full-time. 

We are full time Wedding Photographers, Industry Educators + E-com guru's (yes, Jon has multiple businesses selling products as well! He applied the same HF strategies). We are not only "photographers" but entrepreneurs and we will t each you how to step into THAT mindset as well to grow. 

You've Got Questions

We've Got Answers (so clever, we know)

NAHHHHH - we can help anyone who is willing to hustle with any business. Although, we base our info for wedding photographers (because that is the majority of our audience) -- we can help any of the following (because there are results/reviews of success from these other occupations):

  • Wedding Videographers
  • Planners
  • MUA's + Hait stylists
  • Florists
  • Senior Photographers
  • Maternity/Family Photographers
  • Coaches (branding, lifestyle, fitness)

Unfortunately, no. 1 Ass = 1 seat. We know the cost of doing business for workshops and every ass has to pay the ticket price.

No, it is not. But once you sign up for the workshop, we add you to a private FB group with other attendees - make friends and bunk up to save costs!

This is an intensive business workshop and while we love the kiddos (we have a child named Pepper!) we don't think this is the best environment for them. We cuss a lot while we teach and we also want you super focused during these two days. But we promise, it's important you are able to pay attention fully and learn all the thangs so you can make all the $$$$ for their future!! :)

Yes, we will have a dedicated room with chairs for you to sit and pump away. There will also be a TV monitor with audio so you can still tune in on the workshop and not miss a thing! #WeGotChu

You can Pay In Full or Pay 50% to grab your ticket. The balance is due (3) weeks prior to the workshop. You will get an email reminder to pay.

Nahhhh, what you think this is? No excuses, get your ass to this workshop! #LoveUuuuu

MCO Airport.

We suggest arriving the day before the workshop. But if you like living life on the edge, you can risk it by flying in the morning of. 

Depart the morning of 14th. Or if you are a Disney or Universal Fan... stay the rest of the week and have a blast!

Here Are Some Real Results

"Just HAD to share. Before doing H&F, the most expensive wedding package I had ever sold was... $2,950. Today I just sold a package for... $6,125 Less than 3 months later!! (Full disclosure, the package today has one photo album, but otherwise they are identical packages!!) Seriously, I cannot thank Brittani, Jonathan, and special guest star Sam for completely changing the way I talk to people and price myself. "

David P
Wedding Photographer

"HUMBLE BRAG- I just hit $100k in bookings!!!! This doesn’t even include $7k for Christmas mini sessions!! I’m sobbing I was barely making it when I went to H&F in February then by March I was broke- like didn’t know how I’d feed my children or where to live broke. April I kicked my ass in gear and since then $100k in bookings?! WHAT?!? in 7 months!! Just this month I made 5x as much as I used to make at my old job teaching preschool. Brittani, Jon and this group have seriously gotten me through the hardest year of my life. This single mama of 3 is doing ittttt I love you guys, seriously."

Krystal C
Wedding + Family Photographer

"In the first year of applying Hustle + Flow concepts to our business we made just shy of 6 figures. For 2018, we have $120,000 in bookings and aren’t even fully booked yet! This would be unfathomable to us 2 years ago, when we’d legit sometimes go into the negatives just to eat chipotle (college is a dark time). They have taught us not only HOW to find clients, but how to be the videographers and the BRAND that clients want to hire. The Hustle + Flow process is really about getting to the bottom of who YOU are as a business person and maximizing that with certain tried-and-true business practices. It’s a fool-proof process between Jon’s tech skills and advertising logistics + Brittani’s passion and branding genius; something about their combined energy and the information they each have to share makes you not only WANT to be better, but leaves for no room to make excuses or settle in self-doubt. With the continued support from not only the Hons, but all of the Hustle and Flow Alumni, we’re continuously approaching things in a new way and adjusting our business practices so that we’re consistently getting better and becoming a stronger brand. I can’t explain how important this investment was for our business, without Hustle + Flow there would be no Reel Feels!"

Tessa L
Wedding Videographer


Two Day Workshop
Price: $1850 (yes, you can do a payment option. $925 to buy and balance is due 1 month prior to workshop)
We used to have ONE DAY workshops but they were 10-12 hour days. After much feedback, we realized people's brain's were fried with such a long day and couldn't retain it all. So we decided to do TWO DAY workshops from now on. It is ALL THE SAME MATERIAL as one day workshops. Plus, more time to get to know each other + build real community. Yayyy.


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