What if we said that success is right around the corner for you?

This is a no bullshit style workshop. We will provide all the value, knowledge + real talk that you need to transform your business.

"Hustle + Flow changed not only my business, but also my life. You have to GET IN THE ROOM to experience it yourself." - Vasva O.

Tired of "feel good" workshops without the actionables? Tired of not making (any or enough) money? Tired of feeling stuck with no direction?

What if we told you that we have created + built a system that gives you the results that you truly want?

More money. More clarity. More paying clients. More confidence in selling yourself. More inquiries. More marketing ideas. More organization. More scaling. More profits. 

That's why we started Hustle + Flow ....for you.

"I just don't have the money for this workshop right now."

The money will never magically appear for you to attend. You have to decide that nothing is stopping you. Not even money.


An HF attendee sold their couch to come! (She ended up making lots of $$$ after the workshop - so she was able to buy a new couch and whatever else she wanted. True Freaking Story!)

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"I've been burned before by other workshops"

You can't go through life getting knocked down once and never getting back up. Don't allow shitty workshops ruin your belief system of trying again. We have been in business for 3 years and have helped hundreds of people with their business. We ain't here to burn you, we're here to add light to your flame!

Will the info being taught really help me?

As long as you WANT to be helped, yes. But if you feel like you know it all and are coming into this with ego, you won't hear a word we teach then. Shift your mind to asking "I'm always willing to learn and keep an open mind. So why not give this a try?"

"Brittani's instagram stories scare me. I don't want to be yelled at during the workshop"

That's just fear talking in your head. No one is going to yell at you. If you want to REALLY dig deep down, it isn't me (Brittani) that you are scared of - it's the mirror I hang in front of you. The biggest setbacks we have is ourselves. The only one who is actually going to yell at you, is you. Stop making excuses. Get in the room, face your fears and then get a big ole' hug from us afterward!

I have kids! I have a job! How do you expect me to get there?

The same way all the other parents (hundreds of them) have came to the workshop. The same way all the other 9-5er's have came to the workshop. You are not the only one with your story. Many others have obstacles and/or responsibilities, just like you. But they find a way.

What happens when you take action..

Things starts happening in your favor.

...You all of a sudden get inquiries, that potential client that you thought ghosted you ended up reaching out wanting to book you, a current client wants to add on something to their package. You make extra money at your job. (These are just some examples people have told us in the past).

That's how this shit works - but you have to be WILLING and OPEN to the positives that follow with action.

From serving tables to taking photos as a photographer making $250,000.

I remember working a double shift and feeling lucky if I made $100 bucks. 12 hours days, on my feet with barely a lunch break in between. But I was a high-school drop out with not a clue what to do with my life. - Brittani Hon

When Jon and I met - he was just fired from his job making six figures a year. What he once thought was true security of having a job is now in shambles.

We both were photographers (as a hobby) who didn't realize we could actually be entrepreneurs with our art.

Everyone tells you that a job equals security.

Everyone tells you to go to college. 

Everyone tells you that you can't make money with your camera.

We are here to tell you: that what you were brought up and told over and over again is false.

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just imagine

That you no longer have to go to the job you hate or stress about paying your rent or freak out every time you spend money wondering if there's enough in your bank account?



Not only did we create a workshop to get you on the path of success but we also created a community where you can meet other like-minded people who face the same fears, challenges, obstacles and hardships. But there's one HUGE factor you all have in common - the burning desire to succeed and live your best damn life doing what you love.


The workshop is jam-packed with information. It will (most likely) make your head spin. But that's why you will get exclusive access to the HF FB COMMUNITY to lean on others to help you process + execute everything you have learned for results.

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We will be covering how to brand yourself so damn good that inquiries will be flooding your inbox. We will also cover: blogging, social media, systems (workflow) + optimizing your website.

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We will be covering how to market, where to market + how to research your market. We will also cover: selling with confidence, how to advertise + Jon's "Stalking Method"


After Day 2, we will be hosting a rooftop Mix N Mingle that gives you the opportunity to talk to the speakers, ask questions + feel a sense of the HF community (because there will be past attendee's there to make you feel right at home!)

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→ What will be the actionable steps taught by Brittani + Jon?

Researching Data

As Jon would say "numbers don't lie". He will teach you how to research your market and how to find the age range/interests/feedback real that actual potential clients are looking for when they hire you. You can't sell to them if you don't know what they are looking for, first.

Targeting Audience

Forget the term "Ideal Client". Who is your Target Audience? We will teach you how to figure that out and advertise to them, directly.

Marketing Message

Once you know what potential clients want, how to be seen with your AD's - this is where the magic of marketing comes in. The words you say will lock in the booking. (AKA, how you make people FEEL). We will teach you steps how to approach this in a way that aligns with your brand and target your specific audience.

...And that's just the icing on the cake.

Be ready to drop your jaw, have your mind blown + typing so fast with notes, your fingertips will burn.



There are thousands of people who desire success, to be their own boss and to live the life they want. But not everyone actually gets in the room to learn HOW to make that a reality.

But 19 of you... will.

For the skeptics, doubters and hesitaters...

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During lunch break on Day 2, if you truly feel you haven't learned a damn thing and your notebook/laptop is empty with no notes whatsoever....

Come to the back of class and find either The Hons or HF Event Manager (Amber) and tell us so. We will refund you right on the spot.

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Guest Speaker: Vanessa Hicks - BLOGGING EXPERT

Blogging blogging blogging. It's a love/hate relationship that you must do for your business. But Vanessa will teach you HOW to set up your blogging content ahead of time to SAVE you time for the next 30 days.

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Guest Speaker: Troy Williams - NETWORKING EXPERT

Award Winning + Celebrity Event Planner based in L.A. (literally, he's a big deal... Google "Simply Troy"). So what better way on how to present yourself in the wedding industry learning from the top planner? Troy will be teaching HOW to present yourself with graciousness + strategy with planners/vendors.

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Guest Speaker: Gina Wade- EVENT PLANNER

Gina Wade is a well-known and respected leader in the world of special events & hospitality. An expert in event concepts, as well as sales & branding, she is known for her creative ideas, client relationships & attention to detail. Gina’s enthusiasm and caring demeanor immediately puts her clients at ease while she brings their vision to life.

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Guest Speaker: Jayleigh Flood - SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT

The social media queeeeen! Do you struggle with instagram? Is it not "your thing"? Do you want to start putting yourself out there but you have no idea where to start or what to post? Jayleigh will break down instagram that won't make it feel like a chore but a way to help your business by putting yourself out there in a real way.

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Guest Speaker: Katherine Marchand - WEBSITE EXPERT

She was an attendee at the first ever Hustle + Flow in 2016! Since then, she has made over $750,000 as a wedding photographer. She says the secret sauce was implementing 5 specific things. She will break down each of those five steps in what to do immediately after the workshop to get your business booming and ready to sky rocket.

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Guest Speaker: Angie Lee - MARKETING EXPERT

Your 5 foot dynamic + insanely passionate best friend who inspires you to take massive action. My superpower (after my 8pm bedtime #BabyGrandma) is teaching women how to make friends with fear & make money doing what they love.What began as a little blog in my college dorm room, turned into an international brand that inspires thousands of women. 100's of videos, blogs & podcasts later, I became a serial entrepreneur, 7 figure digital & physical product creator, top 100 podcaster, keynote speaker & guerrilla marketing ninja.

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Guest Speaker: Daniel Linares - SYSTEMS EXPERT

Daniel is a curator of luxury events, providing unforgettable experiences for the most discerning clientele with his DJ services. Based in New York City, he is an avid globetrotter whose work has taken him to cosmopolitan cities such as London, Paris, Los Angeles and Miami, as well as the Caribbean. With an eclectic background inclusive of marketing, branding, technology and music, he is a business systems expert that will bring you the tools to scale your productivity into another level of freedom + success.



People from all different walks of life come to Hustle + Flow. Everyone's version of success is unique to them. What do you want your success story to be?

Ashley Crutcher
Wedding Photographer

"I made $80,000!!!"

Y’all I am freaking the freakity freak flip out. Before I went to HF in November, I had only $13k in bookings for 2020. Just had another contract signed and paid and it bumped me over $80K?!? I could have NEVER dreamed that dropping out of college to go full time in the middle of my junior first semester would lead to this. Literally just from implementing HF I have gotten to this point and I literally could not be more grateful for Brittani and Jon and the absolute WEALTH of information that they share and the supportive environment they create.

The Privilege Is Mine Company
Wedding Planner

"I closed out in January with $10,000 in sales."

I have a lump in my throat because having this knowledge in HOW to move forward makes me feel so powerful in my business. I went through some tough things in lately and it put me in a spiral. But I knew I needed to change something for me + my husband's future. Thank you for making me feel like a BOSS. I have so much more clarity + confidence not only in business but myself as well. Everyone, if you do the work that HF teaches you.. you WILL see results in as little as a couples of weeks!"

Real people. Real results.

Listen, you big dreamer. You aren't meant to live an average life. You have that burning desire because you are meant for more. Follow your gut. Allow yourself to be guided. Ignore the noise. Shut off the fear. Show up for yourself.


LIVE Testimonials from those who have attended Hustle + Flow Workshop.

Watch the videos below.


Only 5 spots remaining.


This is the only workshop in the West Coast in 2020.

Hustle + Flow Workshop


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When : March 10th + 11th, 2020

Where : London Hotel West Hollywood

Address1020 N San Vicente Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone(310) 854-1111
TOTAL VALUE = $8 Million!

Today's Price = Only $1,500

LOL ok, I get it. Sign me up!


BUT WAIT! I am an over-thinker and have questions!

What is included in the ticket price of $1500?

Two days (9 hours each day) of learning about Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, Networking, Blogging, Sales + Systems from experts in the industry. PLUS a Mix'N'Mingle rooftop hangout to talk/ask questions with all the speakers + Brittani and Jon (founders of Hustle + Flow).

Light snacks + beverages are included each day.

*travel + hotel accommodations are not included

Can I bring my newborn or kids?

We are not set up to make this a kid-friendly environment so we suggest leaving your children at home or in your hotel room with a babysitter. However, if you have a newborn and you are breast-feeding then you can certainly bring them and sit in the back of class. Feel free to breastfeed as well. No one should be offended and if they are.. f*ck em.

Who should I email if I have a question or need help with something?

[email protected]

You will receive a response Monday-Friday from 9am-6pmEST.

Your time is now.

Let go of your scarcity mindset. Let go your fear. Let go of your hesitation. You're ready to thrive (and that's why you're here on this website). We're ready to help yoiu, but you have to